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Hi, I'm Stephan.
Strategy Consultant, OGSM expert & certified team coach. 

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In addition to my experience in drawing up strategic plans (OGSM) and extensive management & HR experience, I am a certified and experienced team coach.

My strength lies in advancing teams on both functional aspects (the content) and collaboration: and especially the combination of both.

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MY services.


OGSM (strategic multi-year plan)



A strong and by the team supported plan for the longer term (2 to max 4 years) in which we translate and drill down the ambition of your organization to activity level.



We prepare an OGSM in a total of 1.5 days in workshop with your Board or MT.

  1. We spend half a day with the team on drawing up a POWER SWOT. This is a SWOT analysis in which you work towards the 3 most important points per part. The 3 main strengths, the 3 main weaknesses, the 3 main opportunities and finally the 3 main threats. This SWOT serves as input for the plan that we will draw up on day 2.

  2. Then day 2 (1 full day) we make the OGSM plan right down to activities with the team.


Coaching in the implementation of the plan


A successful execution of the plan 

Every good plan stands or falls with good execution. Unfortunately, in many cases the issues of the day take over (again). 



To ensure that the plan will actually lead to success, we will guarantee the follow-up in 3 sessions of 2 hours with the entire team. We do this through a coaching process in which the goal is to encourage the team to adopt effective behavior in order to realize the plan. My conviction is that coaching is most effective when it is used to achieve a concrete goal and not as a “stand-alone” intervention. That is why the coaching will not focus so much on being “a team” or a behavioral objective, but mainly on what is needed (from whom and in what context) to achieve our goals (from the OGSM).

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The key is not to prioritize
what's on your schedule,
but to schedule your priorities

Stephen Covey

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